Tips how to successfully complete engineering education

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Tips for successful engineering education

Becoming an engineer is the dream of many young people passionate about technology and innovation. After passing the entrance examination to the engineering studies cycle, the student found himself even in a new educational and training experience that is most often the end of his studies career. Entry to engineering school is the last step a student must take to graduate. It is also the most important step during which you, as an engineering student, build your future profile. Failure, generally, is not allowed only once for three years. And it will be better to think of success than failure. This bad way of sanding, which was very prevalent in the preparatory cycle and which was the cause of the failure of several students.

As an engineer, after years of experience in industry and professional training, I read an article in English that gave tips on how to successfully complete engineering education in America, which content did not really seduce, and I found it not really suited to the conditions of students in Tunisia or it will be the same case for other Maghreb countries, so I had the idea to write this article as advice that can help our students better pass their engineering training cycle.

Give importance to your specialty

If you have chosen a specialty in your engineering school, it is because you have to give it all your importance and your interest, even if you took it in to be convinced. I know several engineers who made specialties that were there because he had no choice. But after finishing their studies, they hired themselves in important positions. When you're a student, you do not know exactly what's going on in the industry market. Sometimes people give importance to a specialty that is not required in the market. The good engineer is the one who knows what to do.

There is not one specialty better than another

If there is a specialty in engineering, it is because it is required in the industry. There is no good or bad specialty but there is good or bad engineer. Engineering is first and foremost a state of mind. Even in your specialty, there will be many things to discover and learn in your professional career later. If someone has made a particular specialty, it is likely that he will do some thing differnent in his professional life.

Do your best to take advice from students who are of age

Students who are a year older than you, can give you ideas to help you get out of embarrassing situations and difficulties. There are modules that you study that require tips and tricks that can save you time.

Try to assimilate the maximum in class

When attending a course, try to assimilate the maximum to the course and note down all the remarks and comments of your lessons. Do not hesitate to ask questions even if you think she's stupid. It can also get your teacher's attention to more important information. Do not laugh or make fun of your colleagues' questions too. Just know when and how to ask. The best case is to ask a question intelligently.

Work in groups

Working in a group is not only beneficial for studying and exchanging information or supporting you, but also for preparing you for working life. It's important to collaborate and share the experience. Do not go over all three!

Attend possibly your specialty

Visit fairs and salons. Look for seminars and attend. If it is possible to make clubs in your school so that it is more organized.

Make professional relations

When you find the occasion, try to keep the contacts with the professionals such as the engineers, the technicians, the heads of companies, the sales representatives ... it would be very beneficial to you for your hiring later. It should be noted that half of the work is the relationship. Being a good engineer or a good technician with a bad relationship, is not a sign of success.

Follow the news in your studying field (Autodidaction)

And it is always to be up to date by following the news in the industrial and technological field of your specialties. in fact there are always novelties that can not be found in your lectures. This information is available in specialized sites and journals in different languages ​​and especially in English. Our site is also at your disposal to provide you with the latest news in the field of industrial technology and engineering.

Choose the times and hours of revision

It is advisable to revise your classes in the morning. Before going to school does a review of what you had to study the last sessions this is very beneficial to do the link with the new course. this can save you a lot of time.


When you use the Internet always try to find documents about your specialty, make a digital library on your PC, organize it in a tree-like way save files and HTML pages that contain information or schematics that can help you later. You can use also YouTube and specialized social networking pages such as LinkedIn Viadeo and possibly Facebook. There are a lot of animation and diagrams that you can find useful.

Do your professional internships in companies of your specialty

Make the most of your internships in companies. Leave a good opinion on your behavior. Given the importance to the relational side at all levels. Remember that sometimes a simple concierge can prevent you from entering and filing an internship application! Maing a good relationship with everybody can facilitate your way to your goal. and they peaple can help you to your success.

Avoid illegal  relationships

At your age many young people like to have sex with the other sex. But, these relationships can cause many problems that you do not need. I advise you if you feel it is necessary, trye to make an official and serious relationship. But in any case, it is better to leave these things after finishing your studies and having a job. Try to use your mental abilities in your studies and training. Sentimental relationships will not escape and the eternal love between couples does not exist. There are only serious relationships that last.

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