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Tunisia-made satellite 'Challenge1' in final preparations for launch into space orbit

The communications satellite " Challenge One", which was made by qualified engineers from Tunisia, is now in the final stages of preparation to go to orbit around the planet. This coincides with the strike by engineers in Tunisia, who work in the public sector and in public facilities. Other engineers and other professionals from this lovely country continue to prove that “impossible” is just a political world and not a technical one for a ruling class that understands nothing but cursing, settling accounts, and loyalties abroad.

In a post on LinkedIn on Monday, March 15, 2021, Mr. Mohamed Frikha said that he had been received at the Russian Foreign Ministry by Mr. Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, in the presence of His Excellency Ambassador of Tunisia, Mr.Mohamed Frikha confirmed that Mr. Bogdanov congratulated the Tunisian and Telnet qualified individuals on their success as the first private African and Arab company to be able to manufacture a satellite with its own and local capabilities.

He stressed in this context the importance of this step and Russia's repentant conviction that the future of technology in the world will be for the private sector and will be in the field of manufacturing the new generation of satellites.
He noted that during this meeting, discussions were held on ways to make Tunisia an African pole in the field of manufacturing the new generation of satellites. In addition, discussions were held on the events of a school of engineers in Tunisia specialized in teaching space technologies, satellite manufacturing, and spacecraft in cooperation with Russia, and open to students and engineers throughout the African continent "In this context, we have agreed to hold a series of meetings in the future to discuss ways to reflect this idea," he said.


In another post on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 on the same account, Mr. Frikha said that other important agreements had been reached with the Russian Space Agency. It was reported that on Monday a meeting was held at the Central Headquarters of the Russian Space Agency Roskomos.

During the meeting, several points were agreed, the most important of which was that the Russian Space Agency pledged to provide scholarships for Tunisian students to study in Russian schools specializing in space technology.

During the meeting, several points were agreed, the most important of which was that the Russian Space Agency pledged to provide scholarships for Tunisian students to study in Russian schools specializing in space technology. It was also agreed to support the formation of a committee to enable Tunisian students and engineers to visit Russian institutions active in the field of satellite manufacturing and spacecraft. One of the key points is the launch of a joint venture to make Tunisia an African platform for the next generation of satellites.

Also on Monday, March 15, 2021, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the launch of the first Tunisian satellite owned by the Telnet Holding Company aboard the Russian Soyuz2 rocket from the Baikonur cosmodrome, scheduled for March 20, 2021, marking the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership in high technology.

The ministry said in a statement following up on the talks between Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, and the special envoy during the talks, which were also attended by the Tunisian ambassador in Moscow, Tarek Ben Salem, and Mohamed Frikha, the CEO of Telnet Holding Company. The two sides expressed the view that the launch of the Tunisian satellite communications on the Russian missile on March 20 will set the start of a mutually beneficial partnership in the field of high technology in the Middle East and Africa. The two sides also reiterated their readiness to expand business relations on various projects under the coordination of the Russian-Tunisian Government Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation. The eighth meeting of the commission is scheduled for the second half of 2021 in Moscow.

The Tunisian Telnet Aviation, Space, and Communications Company  Telnet announced for the first time in 2019 the One Challenge Satellite. Under the agreement signed between the company and the Russian operator to launch the Soyuz2 missiles, the Roskosmos Launch Services Company, 30 Tunisian satellites will be launched by 2023. In the same vein, Facts online reported in its French section that the Russian Space Agency Roskomos announced that the installation of the payload cover was complete. Of course, actions include several other devices - including the Tunisian satellite. The official launch will be broadcast live from Telnet's headquarters at an event organized by the company at 6 and 54 minutes on 20 March 2021. This is the news we like to hear about away from political battles.

(Automatic translation from original article in Arabic)

Images Credits : Mr Mohamed Frikha / LinkedIn
Author: ConcepTEC.netEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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